Grand Estate Aluminum Gate

A couple from New Jersey were building a spectacular home by the shore as a private haven for their extended family gatherings. An incremental part of this vacation home was the grand estate aluminum driveway gate to provide controlled access and a physical barrier to the crowds that flock the beach every year.

In this particular project, we had to provide two customized solutions to this gate entry. The first requirement was for these gates to integrate into the home’s Control 4 Smart Home System to allow the couple to manage the gate from the convenience of their cell phone.

The second element we had to keep in account was the harsh corrosive saltwater air found at the shore. To combat these harsh elements, we created the gate with a solid aircraft grade aluminum finished with an environmentally friendly, yet durable, powder coat finish. Additionally, all the ornamental finials were created from marine grade aluminum.

When it came to the gate automation package, these clients wanted it all! The gate opener gears were installed underground so as to be hidden at the entrance of the property. This style of gate automation presents an esthetic appeal to the entrance that is lost when opened with above ground unsightly arms.

The access control system had the latest wifi keypad system to allow livestream r

eporting directly to the client’s mobile device. This wifi system, with its built-in night vision camera, can clearly transmit data to the clients anywhere in the world at any time; granted there is cell phone reception.

They also had exit, safety and reverse loops installed underneath the driveway pavers. These sensors can detect a vehicle though the pavers, providing effortless exiting capability for any vehicle leaving the property.

Now, after going to great lengths to provide the best in security with the latest technology, these clients can enjoy their beautifully crafted traditional driveway gate in the comfort of their NJ shorefront property.

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