Heart Design Sculpture

The Finished Heart Sculpture

Sometimes we get to work on unusual projects that belong in the “sculpture” category. A past client wanted a heart sculpture for a photo op at a wedding facility for the bride and groom. The design team selected this intertwining heart. They loved the abstract lines with all the movement of the various surfaces.

We proposed everything in aluminum. They also wanted a brushed bronze finish. We bought several small samples of the piece and cut them apart, tracing them onto two-dimensional paper for scanning into CAD for manipulation.

The fabrication was somewhat complex with the sculpture being different widths and the various helixes. We had our biggest fabrication challenge with the difficult knot at the bottom, but that challenge was mild once we got into finishing.

The paint company remarked “We don’t know what the sculpture is like, but the finish will be every bit a piece of art as the sculpture itself”. It was a serious ordeal and an 8 step process with plenty of trial and error for 3 weeks until we got it down pat. The client was overjoyed with the result!

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