Innovation in Gate operators

Estate gates that are misaligned in the closed position don’t provide visual impact or the security that is desired from a gate. Someone could slip through the gate and into the secured property beyond. A properly aligned gate also portrays more character than one that hangs loosely on its hinges or isn’t entirely closed in the shut position.

Years ago, automatic operator manufacturers would provide a mechanical positive stop as part of the opener package. For armature or pad-mounted above ground operators, positive stops are quite reliable, however, for the more visually appealing in-ground type operator, these stops tended to be slightly under-engineered. With the abuse that they were subjected to day in and day out, they began to fail. Consequently, manufacturer’s eliminated the mechanical positive stop from the factory, requiring the gate craftsman or automation technician to improvise at the site.

The ingenious craftsmen at Compass Iron Security developed a very rigid solution, which is also completely inconspicuous. Being located at the source of the torque, the wear and tear on the stop is drastically minimized. As an additional bonus, this system is entirely hidden from view as it is located within the casing of the in-ground operator. The operator case can then be landscaped over, or covered with mulch, which means there is nothing marring the visual appearance of the gate.

This is a phenomenal example of how Compass Ironworks and Compass Iron Security can take innovation to the next level for your next phenomenal project. This method allows for a completely hidden positive stop and opener, no ugly mounts or brackets.

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