Living Finish Bronze Pool Fence

A client on the New Jersey shore was building an exceptional home and began searching for an extraordinary pool fence. The architect specified a bronze pool fence to enhance the spectacular landscape and meet code. So, we got to work on their living finish bronze pool fence! The swimming pool fence design was for 1” round pickets vertical between 1 ½” X 1 ½” channel at the top and bottom. The top channel was prepared to accept a mahogany caprail. This elevated an ordinary swimming pool fence into a visual sensation. The fence posts were created in a 2×2 bronze and a modern design post cap was attached. The bottom channel of the fence was capped to simulate a square bar and hide the cavity.

There were 2 standard gates as part of this project. There were also 3 gates with radiused tops and 2 more with a moon gate design. We created the moon gate design in a 2” solid bronze bar, with a shiplap at the top. The bottom connection of the shiplap was underground to hide the connection point. The attach point of the moon gate circle to the bronze fence was challenging. We had to lay out the pool gate and the fence panels in the shop to get it right. Then, metal plates had to be welded at all the correct points.

Another request from the client was that all pickets and gate frame pieces would be solid material so that there was positively no chance of any hollow sounding clang when the pool gates opened and closed. We provided all the hardware in bronze to keep with the visual appeal of this project.

The desired finish for this project was for it to be in mill finish bronze. This meant that it would have a living finish, constantly changing over the years. So, this bronze swimming pool fence will be a testament to the owner’s design style while providing safety and fun at this New Jersey shore home.

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