Luxury Railings

A developer in New York City (Naftali Group) was building a high-rise apartment building in the classical architectural style in beautiful Manhattan. As part of the architectural design there were some outdoor terraces that needed luxury railings. The architect had created some very interesting balcony railing designs. These designs featured an interweave and a greek key. The centerpiece featured a double circle with a custom cast star in the middle of it.

We got to work straight away! We proposed everything as a solid aluminum railing. The railing caprail was a special extra-wide half oval design. The center star created somewhat of a challenge as the tips had to overlay the double circle on both the inside and outside of the railing. The structural integrity originally raised a concern. We recessed the centers of the star tips and welded the joint on the main vein of the star point to eliminate this concern.

Some of the terrace railings were curved, thus presenting its own level of challenge to the build. To complicate things even more, the elevator into the building was smaller than some of these deck railings. All these railing connections had to be engineered to ensure safety and rigidity after install.

Even the balcony railing install was a challenge as brackets had to be pre-installed before the limestone facade was placed on the building.

So, with an eco-friendly powder-coat finish, these terrace railings absolutely enhance these luxury apartments. Especially the penthouse, with its three open terraces providing a phenomenal views of NYC! To add the cherry on top, the railings finish will last for decades to come!

Take a look at the completion of this project in all its glory; The Benson.

Photos Courtesy of the Naftali Group

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