Innovative Metal Stair Rail

A contractor was building a Center for art & design at a private school in New Jersey. The architect had designed a unique stair to provide access between the basement and the first floor. As part of the design innovation, he had integrated bleachers alongside this staircase. These bleachers were situated so that lectures could be given from the basement area yet viewed from the bleachers.

The stair/bleachers were made out of poured concrete. So we utilized a plate system to attach the hand railing to the side of the stairs and bleachers. The level hand railing had a different mounting procedure, as it had to be welded to the framing of the steel deck. To further complicate things, the floor at the far end of the level railing was curved. This called for an innovative metal stair rail!

The design of the railing was a modern, polished stainless-steel with a contemporary mesh infill. Originally, the architect desired for the stainless mesh to be laced over the handrail, however, we were concerned with the hazard of the cables interrupting the smooth flow of someone’s hand as they traversed the steps. We recommended a separate stainless rod directly under the stair railing cap rail for the mesh to be laced around.

The fabrication of the innovative metal stair rail project was complicated. For example, the stainless railing posts were welded to the cap rail. At the same time, the cap rail and handrail had to be formed to the various angles and also to the requirements of commercial handrails for extensions at top and bottom of the stairs.

Another serious challenge was that project had a very tight deadline. So, our dedicated team started early and worked late to complete this modern stand stair railing on time. The students and faculty now have a safe and beautiful handrail to enjoy for many years.


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