MetalFab Educational Session

The National and Ornamental Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) members gathered for the MetalFAB 2022 Conference in New Orleans two months ago to share ideas and gain knowledge about the ironworking industry. At this annual conference, Compass Ironworks presented an educational session to other fellow craftsmen on tools and techniques on how to “Educate your Architect” through general meetings and educational sessions.

The session provided attendees fresh ideas on how to provide thought leadership to architects, designers, and landscape architects when specifying iron railings, driveway gates, property fences, etc. It also provided some technical information for attendees so that they also could know how to provide educational sessions in their geographic area of influence.

To start the session, Compass provided examples of their first-hand experience. They utilized videos to create a good first impression, while showcasing some actual forging. They also showcased pictures of completed projects of modern stairs, grand foyer railings, exterior iron railings, driveway gates and property fences. These examples were provided to further establishing proof of competency as an educator and ironworker; a very important skill needed when talking to clients/designers/architects.

The next segment discussed the process of becoming an AIA course provider. They described the process of going through a third-party provider such as Hanley Wood. They also outlined the process involved in becoming a primary provider through AIA, ASID or LACES in order to do face to face lunch-n-learns at offices for local professionals.

Following this portion, due to the dry nature of the technical material, a comical video was shown to keep participants engaged, and a process video was shown on how they created a Samuel Yellin scroll for an iron railing in New Jersey.

Then, pictures were provided to show what Compass does for their clients to help simplify the decision-making process for their clients. Through the use of their sample boxes, which hold various samples of material, color options, scroll details, and mass and textural elements, a clear understanding is reached between the craftsman and the client. They even provide full railing samples and pool fence samples; one as tall as 8ft high! 

Lastly, Amos shared his insights on utilizing the top job competition (learn about it here) into a NOMMA sponsored educational session. Doing this would allow for local fabricators the opportunity to take education to their architects, and thus encouraging new design inspiration across the country. This would also be a way for NOMMA members to showcase their own local talent, while at the same time create a higher awareness of the benefits of being a part of NOMMA.

At the end of the session, Compass Ironwork’s peers were inspired to be able to share their knowledge to architects across the country.

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