Modern Butcher Block Staircase

A New Jersey homeowner caught the vision of renovating their standard house into an ideal modern industrial themed home.

Their architect’s design specified a double mono-stringer staircase with butcher block wood treads. The modern stair design specified for the rise and run to be cut into the iron stair stringer. We utilized 2” x 12” x ¼” flat bar to make it look like a solid Iron stair stinger.

The wood treads were done in a 3 ½” thick butcher block style tread out of a stunning white oak wood. These chunky treads were secured from the bottom so that all fasteners were hidden, leaving a seamless and professional look.

The stair railing was created with a steel frame and posts, with a cable railing infill. The posts of this stair railing were made of 1 ½ inch square heavy wall tube to withstand the tension needed to keep the cable taut and meet the building codes. The entire cable system was done in 3/16” stainless steel cable for a wonderful contrast to the powder coated Matte Black stair stringer and the beautifully bulky oak treads. This cable railing ran up the steps and around the catwalk providing a safe and gorgeous view of the great room below. Not to mention a new eye-catching railing to impress all who enter into the great room.

This floating staircase installation was incredibly challenging as everything had to be hand carried up the stairs and through this row home. Then everything was hoisted into the correct position without the assistance of any heavy equipment. The result was well worth the hard work and effort put into it.

This modern butcher block staircase and cable railing is a compliment to the client and architect’s design vision and will serve them well in this newly renovated upscale NJ townhome.

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