Modern Curved Stair Railing

A couple in New Jersey were building their dream home and collaborating with an architect to have it created in the modern farmhouse design. The design of the home incorporated a set of double floating curved staircases.

With the floating stairs, railing was needed for both sides of stairs to meet code requirements for safety and functionality.

The Iron stair railing design was made from 3/8 x1 ½ flat metal bars to provide a visual depth and contrast. Additionally, every picket was attached to the tread and floor with a base plate and screwed down with square head lag screws for authenticity.

This curved stair railing was a conglomeration of challenging radii, transitioning from stairs to level in a tight curve to transition up the next flight of stairs. The outside stair railing had similar challenges with specific radii, or 180 degree turns to terminate at the top and bottom of stairs.

The Iron stair railing had a custom bronze caprail in a modern profile. The material was buffed, and an antique tarnish was applied. Lastly, a clear sealer was applied as a form of protection from oxidation and oils from people’s hands.

This curved stair railing design was an expression of individuality with different aspects being rustic, modern, classical, and contemporary. This entire stair and curved Iron railing was a blend of design input from the client, architect, interior designer, and craftsmen. This project will convey its unique design expression for the NJ couple and their family for many years to come.

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