Modern Driveway Gate

A highway bridge contractor outside of Philadelphia had built a new modern design office building. As part of the improvements, they wanted to add a new modern driveway gate to prevent theft, and unwanted traffic. We designed a cost-effective modern looking driveway gate to tie in with the modern architecture of the office building. We designed the cantilever gate with 4” square horizontal members at the top and bottom. Then did 1 ½ “square vertical bars in between. This turned out to be a beautiful pattern for this gate.

The modern driveway gate was 35 feet wide overall, and the opening width was 26ft. Due to the size of this, we used a heavy-duty gate track coupled with hidden drive tooth design. This increased the safety factor because the motor and gears were hidden. However, because of the long cantilever gate, a special footing had to be designed with high strength concrete and rebar cages. Also, due to wind deflection, the receiver in the gate closed position had to be modified.

These heavy-duty driveway gates were designed to open and close at high speeds. This minimizes the wait time for the driveway gate to open. We created the entire driveway gate project  in a durable aircraft grade aluminum for two main reasons. One reason was because it is significantly lighter. It is 1/3rd the weight of iron driveway gates. The second reason is due to it being a non-corrosive material. This eliminated the concern of any corrosion leaching out from any of the driveway gate members.

We measured the driveway gate project on site. Then, we custom created in CAD. The  next step was final approval by the client. We then custom created the entire project. Blasted and powder-coated it a matte black with a sustainable and eco-friendly finish. We then installed the gate assembly, and hooked up the automatic gate operators; completing the driveway gate for the client to provide safety and privacy.

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