Modern Driveway Gate

A couple in the mainline Philadelphia area had a property that had two driveway gate entrances, plus a manual gate opening. The mainline property had a masonry wall along the entire front edge of the property; except for these primary openings. So, by closing off those areas with front gates, they would be able to easily close off their property to any trespassers when they were gone for extended periods of time.

We dialogued with them about different driveway gate designs, and they wanted a modern driveway gate design. We ended up going with a linear horizontal driveway gate design to really have a contemporary aesthetic for the front of their property. And, from a weight and durability perspective, we recommended the estate gates to be built in an aircraft grade aluminum.

We built the main driveway gate horizontal infills with 1” square solid bar, the main driveway gate frame was 2×2 square and the secondary frame was 1×5. In the center of each set of driveway gates was a clasp detail. One set of driveway gates had this clasp done in a gold color, the other driveway gates had a silver clasp. This clasp detail on the platinum color gates absolutely made for a serious visual impact.

We utilized our heavy-duty driveway gate hinge which we call our “Million Dollar hinge”. It is named this because of the testing that has gone into these driveway gate hinges and its ability to run a million cycles with ZERO maintenance.

From the front gate area that needed a pedestrian gate, we designed the gate with short wings on either side. There were multiple reasons for this, but one was so that the front gate was not so large and unwieldy. Also, so these posts could then be cemented into the ground.

The entire front gate and driveway gate project came out beautifully! With bold modern aesthetics and the additional security the gates provide, this Philadelphia mainline couple can enjoy a higher level of security and privacy in their beautiful home.

Do you want a gate that provides security and beauty at the same time? Contact us to get a custom one of your own! 

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  1. Kathleen Moniz on February 18, 2023 at 9:25 am

    Good day

    Can you do a white aluminum single gate 10 foot? We like the horizontal design. We hope to connect to an electric opener.

    Also, what hardware do you suggest as we want to put the hardware on inside of pillars?

    We live in Bermuda, so it needs to withstand salt conditions.

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