Modern Glass Railing

A builder on the New Jersey shore that we had done work for in the past was renovating a shore home for a client. They wanted to upgrade the pool area to a more modern glass railing design. The terrace railing that they wanted to upgrade was elevated and confined to a very tight radius. Initially, the design intent to use framed glass, with both the railing frame and the glass created to the specific radius of the terrace.

However, the local code required the terrace railing to be engineered to meet hurricane wind loads. As we got into engineering, we realized the terrace railing design was not sufficient for the wind load required. Then we looked at doing all the terrace railing posts in an upgraded 3” square post. We would use glass clamp brackets to attach and hold the radiused glass into place. Ultimately, we created the terrace railing with posts and panels for a frameless construction.

Another concern we faced was the terrace structure itself. To remedy this concern, the builder performed an inspection to verify that the structure was sufficient.

So, with all concerns worked through we got to work. We built the terrace railing posts and powder-coated them with an eco-friendly, but durable finish. Then we transported them to the site, along with the glass railing. The installation was a little more tedious than expected. The exact placement of every post had to be predetermined, so that the posts of the terrace railing did not exert any undue pressure on the glass panels.

This house and terrace received a modern facelift with this modern railing design. It now can provide unobstructed views of the beach and sunrise safely! A perfect place to spend time at the New Jersey shore for the client, family, and friends.

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