Modern Industrial Stairs

A couple from New Jersey were working with a local architect to create their own magnificent home that would fit their personal architectural taste. The over-all design of the home trended in a modern farmhouse style. They were looking to implement modern industrial railing throughout the home; and more specifically, into their main foyer stairs.

The main staircase design process took the professional expertise of ourselves and the architect, in collaboration with the tasteful insights of the homeowners. In the end, the client’s wife came up with a very unique staircase design that fit the main stair space.

Though this design was incredible from an esthetics perspective, it was very challenging from a design perspective. We provided a viable solution by utilizing 3-

D, and tying it to the bridge area and hallway so that the architect and client had an accurate perception of how the stairs interfaced with the rest of the home.

The main staircase design portrayed that of the industrial modern trend with spices of individuality. The floating stairs and single landing were supported by two exposed I-beams, with Douglas fir block treads set on top. The Iron railing design was contemporary, topped with a modern bronze cap rail profile and an antique tarnish and wax finish.

The main challenge on the railing portion of the project was the client’s desire to have all the pickets for the iron railing directly attach to the stair treads and floor. In addition to this challenge, the client desired for a rectangular flat bar as the picket for a more rectilinear and modern feel. So we custom created base plates for each picket. All the pickets were attached with square head lags to emphasize the rustic appearance. The Iron stair and railing were finished in a dark anodized bronze to tie in with the color pallet of the windows.

When completed, these modern industrial stairs were spectacular! The success of this stair was a testimony to the design vision of the client and NJ architect; and the insight that we provided as Iron stair craftsman. As a result, this NJ couple will be able to enjoy and show case their immaculately designed home for years to come.

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