Modern Railing at the Beach

A builder was constructing a spectacular home that overlooked a New Jersey beach. The homeowners wanted a very minimalistic modern railing design created for their shore front terrace.

Due to the harsh environment at the shore, the material of choice for this terrace railing was stainless steel with a powder-coated finish.

The terrace railing design involved round horizontal bar “pickets” running into the side of the terrace’s Azek columns. At each connection point between the columns and the horizontal bars there required a carefully drilled whole and a special epoxy to provide the proper adhesion. For structural reasons, each railing panel needed a center post. Also, to add to the desired level of rigidity, the modern rail was topped with a beautiful mahogany caprail.

One challenging element of this terrace railing was the integration of the lighting system wiring. The wiring was run through the channel frame at the top of the modern railing design; just be

neath the mahogany caprail. The railing design team integrated this lighting system by creating hidden mechanical fastening points. This was done by drilling and tapping into the top of the solid post material. The horizontal bars were then guided through the posts and welded into place. The channel for the caprail was then fastened into place for the blasting and coating process.

The powder-coat finish for this harsh environment was an involved 8 step powder-coat process that is 99.99% reclaimable and VOC free, and is eco-friendly. By selecting a metallic sheen for this terrace railing, the color selection enhanced the modern railing design even further.

At the completion of this beautiful New Jersey shore home, it had multiple levels of sensational modern railing that will last for many years, providing safety and functionality for this family’s summer home.

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