Modern Stair Railing

A builder on the New Jersey shore was constructing a new modern home for a client. The interior design was a modern European style. It had modern kitchen cabinets, white walls with horizontal lines, and modern art adding color to the décor. We wanted to match the same flow with the stair railings.

The stair railing design intention was a modern European stainless design. However, with material shortages, supply chain issues and skyrocketing costs an alternative design was produced. The stair railing design transitioned to a horizontal modern flat bar railing design instead. The client selected an aircraft grade aluminum material for these rails. One reason this was used is because it could produce nice crisp corners. Secondly it resists corrosion even in the harsh elements of the Jersey shore environment.

The modern stair railing design was enhanced with a ½ x 2” flat bar caprail. The posts were 1 ½” square and the horizontal ½ X 1” flat bars were positioned on edge and attached to the railing post with the standard flat clasp. Leaving a clean and finished look to this modern stair rail.

 A significant challenge to the stair railing project was the many landings and turns from ground floor to the 3rd floor. The stair railing posts had to align with each section prior in order to make the stair railing caprail meet code. At the same time we had to be careful not to overwhelm the stair railing space with too many posts. We always aim to meet code and keep every area aesthetically pleasing.

To finish the entire stair railing project was sandblasted, pretreated, and powder-coated a silver sheen for a modern look. This stair railing truly enhanced the essence of this modern New Jersey shore home! Now it can be enjoyed and appreciated by the client and family for decades to come!

Do you want a stair railing that provides security and beauty at the same time? Contact us to get a custom one of your own! 

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  1. SuryanarayanaRao V on January 31, 2023 at 5:38 am

    Need same model stair case for my triplex house

    • Site Administrator on January 31, 2023 at 12:37 pm

      Hello SuryanarayanaRao,
      Happy to help. Feel free to fill out our submission form on at Or call us at 717-442-4500; and we can start the process toward fulfilling your ironwork needs.

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