Ornamental Tuscan Gates

A couple from the DC metropolitan area were collaborating with a New Jersey architect to build a beautiful vacation home on the Delaware Beach front. The beach front villa presented a taste of Tuscan architecture, that required ornamental security gates that would enhance the lower entertainment space of the home.

Two sets of gates were spec’d to provide privacy for the entertaining space. One was a swing gate, while the other was a slide gate due to the space restrictions. The design of these gates, as stressed by the architect, were to be ornate “wrought iron” to enhance the tile, marble, wood and stone that framed the entrance.

However, due to the harsh elements present at the shore, we proposed all material in a solid aircraft grade aluminum. With our years of experience and our in-house powder coating process, we were confident that we could finish these ornamental gates in a way that would present a look virtually indistinguishable from iron. Also, by utilizing solid pickets and fully welding them, it would resemble that of a wrought iron gate; not a production aluminum gate.

The gate design was embroidered with custom cast fleur-de-lis finials that were made from a marine grade alloy that would withstand the harsh shore elements. All the scroll work was hand-forged for character and authenticity. And the pickets had a custom forged medallion so as to create a direct tie-in to the other decorative ironwork throughout the house. The entire project was powder-coated with an eco-friendly powder-coat in a warm hue of statuary bronze to draw attention to the stonework on the house.

The completion of these decorative ornamental aluminum gates provided a secure access point for the client’s entertainment and dining area, while embracing the architecture of the beautiful Tuscan Villa. A space where the DC couple can retreat to, close the gates, and enjoy for years to come.

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