Pool Railing and fence

A couple in Baltimore MD were building a custom home. The had a beautiful terrace on the back of the house. And beautiful stairs leading down to the pool level.

Their desire was for a durable iron railing design that would require zero maintenance. We created all of the terrace railing, stair railing, and the pool railing in an aircraft grade aluminum alloy that would be durable, and would never corrode. And at the same time, be visually indistinguishable from iron. We also created a curved, custom railing for the seating area.

Blind bracket attachment to pillar.

A clean way to attach the fence to the pillar.

One of the unique features of this project was that we attached our stair railing and deck railing to the masonry pillar structure. This required close collaboration with the mason. When he had the main inside structure built, we then measured for the custom railing, completely fabricated and installed the railing. He then did his finish stone and mortar around our attachment, which provided a clean and attractive appearance as there were no fasteners or brackets exposed that was securing these deck railings and stair railings.

These MD clients were thrilled with the finished wrought iron railing product and will be able to realize years of enjoyment with their outdoor living space.

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