Rebuilt Beauty

Picture this! A beautiful horse farm in the greater Philadelphia area with an exceptional home sitting on it that boasted a wrap-around porch overlooking the equestrian pastures. Peaceful right?!

Unfortunately, the old porch railings were rotting away which was not only an eyesore but also a safety issue. So, the owners wanted a maintenance-free iron porch railing to replace it. They also wanted to change the porch railing design to a more upscale railing. Compass Ironworks was on it! We would make them a rebuilt beauty!

During the stair railing design discussion, the client indicated the desire for a traditional railing design, but a bit more minimalistic in nature. They were attracted to a twisted picket railing design in a minimal ½” square picket, but also took to a custom twist that was looser: not as tight as the typical 2 twists per foot. Instead, we designed a single twist per foot and a half for them. We included a traditionally designed cap rail, 1 ½” X 1 ½” bar channel and 1 ½” square posts to keep all the railing design components in proportion to each other.

The last hard choice was railing material selection. Their initial intent was to do the railing design in traditional iron, but in the railing design dialog we presented a sample of aluminum railing in a solid aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. They were thrilled with the rigidity, strength, and indistinguishability from iron the aluminum railing provided. With an eco-friendly yet durable powder-coat finish this has the protection to withstand the elements for many decades. This allows the owners safety and an added design element. It now was a rebuilt beauty to add to their beloved horse farm in the greater Philadelphia area.

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