Rectangular Railings

A client in Delaware was building a magnificent home and needed railings on different areas of this new home. There was a nice loggia on the side of the house that needed a custom balcony railing. There were many other areas including: basement steps, front entry steps, side entry steps and a pool railing. The all were enhanced in their beauty with rectangular railings.

Initially, the conversation was for standard 1 ½” square railing posts, but as the conversation continued it was determined that the ambiance of the house would benefit with custom railing posts instead. The house was being built in a rectangular shapes as part of its design, and the client wanted to incorporate the same theme into the railing post and the stair railing designs. The client also decided to upgrade the pickets to ¾”.

In the railing design phase, the rectangular detail needed a little more mass to look right. So, we built that portion of the railing design in 1” square bar. This turned out to be the added bit of character that the client desired.

The custom railing posts were designed with a base plate, a bottom skirt of ½” thick flat bar, and a trim detail on all four corners. We also incorporated a rectangular design in the center of the rail on all four sides. To finish the project, we added a trim detail and dome cap to top off the railing posts.

We put special emphasis on the symmetry of the loggia railing and the front step railing, as it was quite prominent when someone approached the house. The front steps had 6X6” upgraded posts, and a curved stair railing to dramatically enhance that side of the house.

Then for the back of the house, back terrace railings we built in 6” square posts. We also built the stair railing down to the basement in the same gauge material. Then we built the aluminum pool railing to a custom height around 3 sides of the swimming pool. We powder-coated all the aspects of this project a matte black to emulate a wrought iron look. This beautiful Delaware home now has many non-corrosive railings that will provide beauty for decades to come.

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