Red Rocks Fence

A visionary invested in a property at the entrance to red rocks park, a public natural amphitheatre that has incredible acoustics due to the natural rock formations. The visionary wanted to provide a wedding venue for at this exceptional location. Part of the dilemma was how to create a distinction between public park and private wedding venue areas. He determined that a 5 foot high front fence would not only create the distinction, but also enhance the aesthetics of his new property. So, we created him a custom red rocks fence!

The property fence design had a row of hand forged scrolls at the top and bottom of it. Custom cast knuckles were added for maximum visual impact. The four horizontal bars were 1” X 2” and the top of the property fence had 1” X3”. The center of each property fence panel had a 15 ½” circle created from 1 ½” X 1 ½” flat bar.

Each of these circles had a custom cast bronze coin inside of it. These bronze coins were designed as a signature piece for this property. Each coin depicted the building structure, red rocks formation, a mountain goat, water fountains, mining tools and lots of other details. These bronze coins are single sided, so they needed to be installed back-to-back with countersunk fasteners.

The property fence posts are 4” square and have a custom cast post ballcap with an oversized ball to emulate the hinge post ballcap found on the driveway gate. We built the front panels at a special angle to match the angle of the terrain underneath.

What really set this fence project apart was the custom color powder-coat blend. We made a custom blend with jet black and a bosenberry color. We blended the two together in a special ratio. This gave the effect that from a distance the property fence looks black, but when you get up close, it has red hues to it. This allows it to have a beautiful tie into the native rock in the property and surrounding vicinity.

This stunning red rocks fence will create a beautiful boundary and entrance to this exceptional wedding venue for many decades to come.

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