Refurbished Beauty

A custom home builder was renovating a row home in DC. Along the front of the property was an antique wrought iron fence that was in a sad state of despair. There were iron fence sections that were completely missing. It also had sections that the design elements were missing. We were determined to refurbish their beauty once again!

 So, we completely dismantled the entire fence and brought it back to the shop. We reconstructed the horizontal bars, recreated the missing components, and put the layout together. The horizontal bars were 3/8” X 1 ¼”. The pickets were ½” round with a unique finial that is no longer available off the shelf.

There was also an old latch on the wrought iron fence that was partially worn away from the thousands and thousands of times that it was open and closed. The original latch mechanism was reused, but some of the areas required resurfacing.

The first step of refinishing was to completely strip off the old paint. The authenticity of the original wrought iron fence really became apparent at this point. Next the project went through a phosphate chemical wash, a clean water runs, then a chemical sealer. To finish it off a resilient zinc-rich primer was applied, followed by a semi-gloss black powder-coat topcoat.

Meanwhile, the builder refurbished the masonry surface. We then cord drilled all the posts into the new masonry and anchored them with a two-part epoxy grout. Now this antique wrought iron fence has a new lease on life. Complete with a robust finish that will enhance the front of this Washington DC home for many years to come!

Like your original railing or fence, but it needs some TLC? Check out how we reworked this railing into a beauty again! Contact us so we can help you too! 

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