Remarkable Railing that is Cost-effective

A custom home builder in Maryland was completing a beautiful custom home. There were numerous stairs and terraces that needed attractive railings to meet code requirements in order to get a certificate of occupancy.

This home was built with amazing detail and remarkable quality. Thus, the railings needed to be done just right, both from a railing design perspective also from a quality perspective. So, a meeting was arranged to review stair railing designs.

The first subject matter was material selection. The big question was: “What is the best material from a longevity perspective and from an iron stair railing aesthetic? We suggested utilizing an aircraft grade aluminum material because it is non-corrosive and with the right finish it is virtually indistinguishable from traditional iron railings.

The actual terrace railing design was another dialogue as the budget was tight. At the same time, the design and architecture of this remarkable home merited a spectacular deck railing. We evaluated many iron railing designs, anywhere from round pickets to square pickets, with a cast valance design for a more artistic design to a more contemporary railing design. In the end, we utilized the cost-effectiveness of square pickets and put a double twist in the middle for artistic pleasure. This provided an authentic design element but was budget friendly.

The railing caprail was 2 ¼” wide with 1 ½” square posts. It had 1 ½ X ½ bar channel and 5/8” square solid high grade aluminum railing pickets. Then, it was powder-coated in a statuary bronze hue.

For years we have said that black goes with everything. However, we have found that with masonry, custom railings finished in a statuary bronze have a slightly warmer feel to them. Thus, making it more visually appealing and desirable.

So, this spectacular custom home in Maryland has a remarkable railing design that can provide safety and beauty for many decades to come.

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