Seeing Double?

A property owner in VA wanted to add privacy and security to his property. He0 .decided he wanted to add automated driveway gates to both the main entrance and side entrance.

The driveway gate design was a debated topic. The owners wanted a thicker picket for more mass and character. They also wanted the spacing of the gate pickets to be a little tighter then normal. They also liked the flat plate at the top and bottom of the driveway gate. The wife wanted to add some personal touches within the traditional French look. They decided on fleur-de-lis cast overlay on the flat panel.

The driveway gate had 1” sq. solid aluminum pickets with a 2” sq. gate frame. The hinge post was a 6” sq. heavy wall post with our Million Dollar Hinge. That is a heavy duty driveway gate hinge that has been tested in excess over 850,000 cycles. The center of the gate had their own unique crest to really personalize the entrance gates.

Each side of the hinge posts were then attached to the masonry pillars and an infill was created to enhance the visual experience.

We started the installation of this project by standing the gates into place. Then attaching the short panels with the hinge posts. Then, after making sure it was plumb, level, and square, we poured cement into the hole around the 6X6 hinge post and custom gate operator. Next, the mason built a pillar on top of the concrete foundation. At the same time, conduits were run for power and automation of the gates.

These two sets of identical gates turned out spectacular for this norther VA property.

Do you want custom driveway gates of your own to make people see double?! We are happy to help! Contact us here! 

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