Spiral Staircase and Railing

A couple in Maryland were renovating their outdoor living space. They desired to create a modern railing design in addition to a spiral staircase. This would provide ease of access from an outside elevated deck to their basement area. To maximize the deck space and add a unique aesthetic, we designed the deck railing  to mount to the outside of the deck and fasten into the fascia area. The intent of the deck railing design was for a modern accent. So, we created a 3-rail railing design. It had a rectilinear opening directly below the deck railing caprail. The caprail was designed with 3 horizontal 1 ½” X  ½ “ bar channel, and 5/8 “ square solid aircraft grade aluminum pickets. The deck railing posts were 1 ½ “square, that we welded directly to the aluminum railing sections.

The spiral stair design was another point of collaboration to get it correct. The goal was twofold. One, to enhance the modern design of the space, but also to have the location correct. Location was key to have the best flow into the basement area. To ensure the spiral stair pole and bottom step hit at the right spot and orientation, we created the spiral stair top landing at a specific angle and length.

The spiral stair tread and landing design were a concern for the slipperiness, impervious design, etc. If we utilized wood or deck material , it would solve the slippery issue, and be in harmony with the deck surface. However, it would not provide an impervious surface. If we utilized  solid metal; an anti-skid tape would have to be applied, and again no impervious surface. If the spiral stair treads were laser-cut to a specific design with 60-70% open area, it would be their own special design statement, providing traction and an impervious surface. This route is ultimately what the client selected, and the modern spiral stair tread design process began. With dialogue back and forth, the client chose a rectilinear pattern.

The entire spiral staircase was powder-coated a matte black to finish it off,  Then a 4-man crew installed the project. With the level of accurate measuring we did beforehand, installation was a breeze. Now this Maryland home has a remarkable modern spiral stair and deck railing with a  level of old world craftmanship that will provide safety, rigidity and beauty for many years to come.

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