Stair Railing Design Transformation

A couple in Reading, PA had an old wood stair railing that gave the entire space a very dated look. The couple wanted an iron stair railing design that wasn’t traditional or contemporary, but somewhere between. Transitional iron stair railing design is the term that was used when in dialogue for the correct iron railing design.

Another aspect that was utilized to enhance the space was the cap rail. Instead of going for the typical wood or iron molded cap rail design, the options were explored for a bronze cap rail in a contemporary profile. By utilizing the rich visual aspect of the polished bronze cap rail, it accentuated the regal black iron railing. Please view the slide show below to see the beautiful stair renovation.

The iron stair railing was a combination of ovals and straight pickets in a vertical pattern. With a very clean look, the transitional design benefited from our level of craftsmanship as it portrayed workmanship from a bronze era.

This unique stair setting had it’s own set of challenges. The stair landing layout dictated that the bronze railing at the corner had a goose neck to flow with the setting.

Another challenge at the top was the wall, that made the iron railing stop short of the top of the landing. This did not provide the safety and rigidity the client was seeking, To provide the safety, a custom handrail jog-out and landing piece was created to provide grasp-ability at the top. So that someone had a firm hold on the handrail before starting down the flight of steps. So these clients totally transformed their space aesthetically, and also from a safety perspective, the visual harmony will be admired by many a visitor for decades to come. Additionally the safety will be appreciated daily as the family traverses the stairs in this beautifully renovated Reading home.

Please view the slide show below to see the beautiful stair renovation.

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