Terrace Railing Replication

A couple in New Jersey had a beautiful back terrace and pool area tucked nicely behind their home to relax. They, and their teenage children, loved to entertain friends there…. but there were a few issues with it.

They had an original Iron railing that had some magnificent posts, but the original Iron railing finish had been done poorly, which resulted in an ongoing corrosion issue.

So they reached out to us to evaluate their stair railing and deck railing issue. They requested recommendations on how they could eliminate the corrosion issue once and for all. And, due to some of their masonry breaking apart, it was already necessary to remove the Iron railing for their masonry remediation.

In evaluating the situation and their needs, we recommended building the same iron railing design, but by utilizing high grade corrosion resistant aluminum.

We recreated the Iron railing posts with a 3” sq main structure and added a ½” thick base that completely encased the post. In the recessed area of the post, we put 3 rivet heads to elevate the post design. The post top was an aluminum round ball with a short piece of pipe for the neck. The post top was a 3/8” thick, 4” plate with a 5” base plate that was sandwiched between another 4” plate; adding an extra element of detail.

The new stair railing and deck railing had a row of 3 rings directly below the caprail with a 3rd bar channel below that. Iron railing pickets were 5/8” sq solid bar. And, to add to the design elements, a basket design was added in the center of every panel.

This railing was very tedious to create; and it took us about 7 months of production time. But at the end of the day, it was very well worth it. This spectacular terrace had beautiful railings and posts that were maintenance free to allow the client’s family a leisurely place to relax and enjoy for many years to come.

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