Thanks for a Great Weekend!

Thank you to all of you that made it a great weekend to remember. We loved having you!! To those of you that couldn’t make it, maybe next year!

On Friday evening September 19th Compass Ironworks had their client appreciation dinner. Demonstrations started shortly after 5:00. We demonstrated texturing a wood grain effect onto a 5/8” picket using a customized Hebo Embosser. This machine was brought from Europe and with a little ingenuity we are able to provide almost 30 different patterns. Then we showed twisting that wood grain picket, which is a very cost-effective way of adding design interest. Next we forged some Japanese Maple leaves, and demonstrated scrollwork forgings for replicating a set of security doors based on an Italian design from 1742. Our next demonstration was on how to texture and hand forge a tulip followed by the basket twisting.

Dr. Morton shared a few remarks and then we had a delicious dinner complete with Susie’s homemade whoopie pies and ice cream!

The silent auction was a fun time and raised over a thousand dollars towards the Clinic for Special Children. Everyone had a wonderful time!

Saturday morning the bus was here at 8:00 and we headed to the clinic with the group. We viewed the real Memory tree, saw the Memory Garden and had a great educational tour of the Clinic’s cutting-edge medical equipment in the post and beam structure. Then to the auction in time for the Doctor’s remarks and then the Iron Memory Tree Sculpture was auctioned off for $35,000! It will be part of a landscape on a beautiful property in North Jersey. Following the Memory Tree were the quilts. Almost a hundred quilts were auctioned off, at a fair price, of course some went for high prices and some were great deals. The auction raised over $372,000 with over $100,000 being generated by all the good food such as the 30,000 donuts, the pulled pork sandwiches, etc.

Next year’s event will be September 18th, Friday evening and Saturday September 19th, so mark your calendar for a great time!

Thank you so much to everyone that supported the Clinic for Special Children. Your support is appreciated.

We realize how challenging schedules can be and that you might not make it to our events, but let us know if you are in the area and you are welcome to stop by!

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