The Bold Beauty of a Bronze Living Finish at the shore

An architect was designing an exceptional shore home and part of the design vision was these beautiful geometric grills, specified in solid bronze.

Bronze is not an alloy that is easily welded. And because of the intricacy in design, to do mechanical fastening was virtually impossible. The other challenge was the install of these grills, within the depth of the thick stone walls, and to have them fairly snug to the irregularity of the stone and secured enough to meet code requirements of full protection.

Another desire was for the bronze to have a natural, but uniform patina. To achieve that, the hundreds of feet of bronze bars were hand sanded to a brush finish.

After numerous review meetings in house and meeting the architect and builder to brainstorm for ideas, the assembly and install methods were finalized.

The creation of these 6 grills was very labor intensive and painstakingly slow to go through 1 step of the process at a time. And with the bars being solid, they were very heavy, 300-400 lbs and very difficult to maneuver. With plenty of man power, the install went smoothly. Once installed, they became the immediate focal point as they are visible from over a block away. And with time they will have that prestigious patina that only solid bronze can achieve.

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