Unique Yacht Inspired Railing

A builder was building an exceptional home on the New Jersey Shore. An architect and designer were involved in the railing design to enhance peace and harmony throughout the entire space. The vision was to emulate a yacht theme throughout the railing design and property. The design team came up with a unique yacht inspired railing.

All the connection point from the posts to the horizontal top rail were done in oversized pipe connectors. This was to emulate pipe fittings on a yacht railing. We also utilized an oval base plate, again like a base plate found on a yacht rail.

The main railing design was for horizontal rods to mimic cables. Their desire was for the rods to be as small as possible and still maintain sufficient structural rigidity. Also, to have as few horizontal bars as possible and to have as few posts as possible. Then to complicate this railing even more, the columns supporting the second-floor deck were located at a distance that was at a serious disadvantage. With strategic planning and putting a railing post adjacent to the structural column, we made it happen. We also had to align the railing posts vertically from the first floor to second floor to enhance the continuity of the railing design.

The top rail was 1 ¾” OD pipe with the horizontal connector being 2 ¼” OD. Vertical posts were 1 ½” OD with a 2” OD connector. We machined all the connectors  for a precise fit and then tig welded for minimal weld puddle and clean up.

One challenge with post placement was aligning the first to the second floor. The distance railing posts on the second floor were from the corners. We solved that issue with a small ½” diameter rod at the corners to be able to give horizontal rods structure at the corners.

The entire railing project was powder-coated a metallic silver color to emulate stainless railing. So, this aluminum railing will absolutely enhance this New Jersey shore home for decades and provide code compliance and safety for its occupants.

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