Wine Cellar Spiral Staircase

A couple in the greater Philadelphia area had a unique opportunity on their old home to make it spectacular! An old stone ice house

that was attached to the old home had laid vacant for many years, and they wanted to do something with it. It was situated close to their existing kitchen, but at a lower level on the house. The plan… to turn it into a beautiful wine cellar!

With the design insight of a Philadelphia architect, Richard Buchanan (Partner in charge and designer with Archer & Buchanan Architecture), they designed an access point through their existing walls. The space, due to it being extremely small, created a challenge on how to get to the lower level of the cellar. So, the idea was presented of a spiral stair to access the lower area.

This custom spiral staircase was designed to keep in tune to the rustic appearance of the stone walls, while having an upscale design statement.

The confines of the space created a serious challenge for the sake of getting the custom spiral stair into the space. So, the possibility of doing a solid welded aluminum custom spiral stair was suggested, due to aluminum being 1/3 the weight of an Iron spiral stair.

For the railings, custom railing design castings were created for the steep angle of the stair. Additionally, an outside stringer with a trim design was added to the spiral stair to enhance the aesthetic appeal.  This outside stinger also significantly contributed to the structural rigidity of the stairs. Once the entire stair was build, it was sand-blasted, pretreated, and powder coated.

Then a crew of our Compass team manually carried the spiral stairs into the space and erected it into place. The spiral stair treads, made from 20yr old barn floor boards, where then attached. These barn wood treads were a huge asset in enhancing the rustic décor of the wine room.

With all the challenges of the confined spaces, there were many design considerations (such as a radiused landing) to make it work. But at the end of the day, this custom spiral stair came out as an awesome architectural masterpiece that will provide convenience for getting a good drink out of a great Philadelphia wine cellar!

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  1. Thomas on June 15, 2022 at 6:27 am

    I like this spiral staircase. They are unique and elegant

    • Site Administrator on June 15, 2022 at 1:14 pm

      Thank you for the complement Thomas! It was fun to build….but a challenge to install!

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