Wine Room Sealed Glass wall

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A builder and client in New Jersey were upgrading a basement space and were searching for a glass wall to create a barrier to control temperature and humidity for the best wine presentation. And at the same time allow colleagues and visitors to the space the opportunity to view the extensive wine collection.

We were approached by the builder last July and while not in our typical realm of building iron gate, privacy fence, stair railing, or modern staircases, our experience in iron railing design was an attribute in obtaining the project.

The entire structure was designed in aircraft grade aluminum, similar to deck railing on shore homes. The intention was a non-corrosive material that could be assembled on-site with counter sunk/hidden fasteners. All of the glass edges were sealed and the installation fulfilled their design vision of an industrial look similar to old factory windows from a century ago. And with the glass wall built around a corner, visitors can now view this beautiful private wine collection from more angles, in this New Jersey home.

Please observe the short gallery slide show above at the top of the page.

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