Yacht Inspired Railing

A client at the New Jersey shore was building an exceptional house on a beachfront property. An architect and interior designer were involved to coordinate the modern home design. The desired theme was a yacht inspired railing design. The main stair was a switchback stair. At the top was a large overlook area requiring railing. There were additional stairs with walls on each side as well that just required the handrails.

To create this project, we utilized a 2 ¼” (outside diameter) main pipe top rail. Then at each post connection we used a three-way custom connection machined from a 2” o.d. pipe to emulate the railing fittings on a yacht. We utilized  ½” high-grade solid aluminum horizontal infill, again to look like a stainless cable railing on a yacht.

A hurdle we faced was how to build the railing in such a way that the onsite connections would disappear. Our goal was that no seams were visible on the finished railing design. To remedy this on the top rails we machined the connections to fit a bit oversized so that it fits after powder-coat. For the infill, we did oversized holes into the post.

Another feature we incorporated was oval bases for the posts. We bent the oval base plates to a 90-degree angle to be able to fasten it from the side. This not only added aesthetic value, but also added strength to the railing base plate.

The whole railing project was created in a non-corrosive high grade aluminum material. The finish is an eco-friendly powder-coat with a stainless steel like sheen. So, this yacht railing design can now enhance the modern home decor and will be an asset to this New Jersey shore home for years to come.

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