For over two decades, Compass Ironworks been creating distinctive iron projects, creating exceptional wrought iron gates for extraordinary properties.

Compass Iron Security

Compass Iron Security was established to take client service to the next level. In addition to building the security fence gates and providing seamless gate-to-gate opener connection, we also became certified to do the automation. We collaborate with security technicians and landscape designers, to ensure the gates are harmonious with their security and smart home system.

This level of collaboration allows builders and clients the luxury of fewer contractors with which to collaborate. With Compass Iron Security uniquely qualified to produce gate systems to MUTCD, ASTM F-22000 and UL 325 standards, this guarantees much safer automation for clients, loved ones, and community.

By taking collaboration seriously, involving the client, architect, landscape designers, security technician, electrician, and landscaper, property perimeters can be reviewed in its entirety, and pedestrian gate access can be controlled form the same portal as the front gate. With the landscape designer and personnel involved, a desirable, but elegant security fence gate can be designed and created to accentuate the architecture and landscape of the property.

With all these levels of service and collaboration provided by one company, redundant costs can be avoided. Not only can the client experience be improved, and stress and hassles reduced, a cost savings can be realized, while maintaining top quality in driveway gates, pedestrian gates, privacy fence gates, automatic gate openers, and property security.

Pedestrian Gate Aside Main Driveway Gate

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Security FAQ

Securing extraordinary properties with exceptional ironwork craftsmanship

Ability to transition through tough topography

Underground operator is higher security

Hidden Hinge option

Proprietary “Million Dollar Hinge” out-performs industry standard gatehinges by 500%

Product coating and finishes testing

Product coating and finishes testing

Insight on best coating endurance for harsh waterfront elements

Solid welds don’t detract from aesthetics

Pre-planning for freeze / thaw cycles

Estate gates & property fence can be created in contemporary or traditional styles