Certified Automated Gate Systems Designers (CAGSD)


Not only does Compass provide beautiful security gates and ornamental security fences, we are also certified as CAGSD (Certified Automated Gate Systems Designer). We are uniquely qualified to produce security gate systems compliant with MUTCD, ASTM F2200 and UL 325 standards.

This level of knowledge and expertise provides a higher level of safety and detail into multiple areas of an automated security gate system. There are many driveway gate installers that provide quick, cheap, and easy automation systems. These can become a liability not only to the property owner, but also to any designer or architect involved in the project. If any injury or fatality occurs, a lawsuit is initiated, sometimes in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It is extremely important that latest safety standards are followed.

These safety protocols affect specifying the correct operator, knowing safe opening/closing speed, and pressure setting. They also include correct sensors such as safety loops, photo eyes, and even emergency response sensors, to name a few. There are many aspects of automation that safety standards pertain to. Utilizing certified personnel is an excellent way to you have a safe gate operator system to protect you, your family, and your property.

Custom Hidden Hinge Gate Integrated into Crestron Security System

Compass Iron Security Is:

Certified Automated Gate Systems Designers (CAGSD)

Uniquely qualified to produce gate systems compliant with MUTCD, ASTM, F2200 and UL325 standards

Offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for industry leaders

Experienced in integrating gate automation into the security platform network.

Securing extraordinary properties with exceptional ironwork craftsmanship

Ability to transition through tough topography

Underground operator is higher security

Hidden Hinge option

Proprietary “Million Dollar Hinge” out-performs industry standard gatehinges by 500%

Product coating and finishes testing

Product coating and finishes testing

Insight on best coating endurance for harsh waterfront elements

Solid welds don’t detract from aesthetics

Pre-planning for freeze / thaw cycles

Estate gates & property fence can be created in contemporary or traditional styles