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Bad hinges on an estate gate can be detrimental to a security professional fulfilling his duty in protecting a high- net-worth individual, property, and possessions. Many people overlook the value of a superior hinge and put more focus on the aesthetics and structure of the driveway gate.

A decade ago, Compass utilized the industry standard hinge but were dissatisfied with the value provided to our clients. We researched heavy- duty driveway gate hinges and talked to industry experts in the quest for a security gate hinge that provided long-term value.

Industry experts recommended phenolic hinges or sealed ball bearing hinges. We wanted to know firsthand and created specific hinge testing lab, emulating 1,000 lb. gate 10 feet swing. We tested the phenolic bearing that went to 108,000 cycles. We tested an industry standard hinge that went to 150,000 cycles.

Our first-generation custom hinge went for 450,000 cycles with zero maintenance. This testing was done in all kinds of conditions such as sand, dust, heat, cold, heavy rain, snow, and ice. It gave us insight into how hinges withstood realistic conditions. We gained knowledge on the impact that dust, dirt, and contaminants played on a hinge’s longevity. We redesigned and retested and were able to get 815,384 cycles with zero maintenance!

Without a heavy-duty driveway gate hinge, you can encounter much more hassle, downtime, and maintenance fixing malfunctioning hinges. These hinges are specially designed so that a 1,000 lb. security gate can swing with the touch of a finger.

Micro onsite adjustment allows for ease of realignment in freeze and thaw cycles, always providing best in aesthetics and security.

Custom Security Gate
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Strong Security Pedestrian Door
Gate Wing to Clear UL325 Safety Standards

Positive Stops

Another exclusive feature from Compass is the mechanical positive stop built into our underground operator. Most driveway gate openers don’t have a mechanical positive stop built in the unit. This creates a problem as security gates can be partly closed, partly ajar and misaligned in the closed position, which could create a security breach. Most gate fabricators addressed this void by mounting an adjustable stop onto the hinge post. This created an issue for two reasons:

#1 – It was unsightly, with a potential to get hit with a vehicle; it also made for maintenance hassles.

#2 – Wrong location put undue strain and stress, which led to broken hinges, hinge post operator arm, or gate frame, creating more maintenance hassles and downtime.

The craftsmen at Compass brainstormed and came up with a very effective and innovative solution, designing it within the confines of the operator box. It’s very clean and aesthetic, hidden under the lid. It’s directly at the source of strain and stress in the box itself. There is zero undue torque exerted onto the hinges, hinge post, operator arm, or security gate frame. This is the ultimate in zero hassle for mechanical positive stops for driveway gate openers

Note the concealed bar in the bottom right which has the same color scheme. We take the attachment to the ultimate level by taking the time to recess the open arm into the security gate frame. This makes for a nice clean visual and is a standard procedure for all gates built by Compass.

Backup Battery

A functioning gate is only good as long as it has power. A standard component for us is to build a battery backup directly into the control panel of the driveway gate operators. This is added assurance that if the backup generator malfunctions, there is still reserve power so that the gates can still work to mitigate security breaches.


Thieves and burglars have been known to wedge themselves between the two parts of a set of double swinging gates. To help prevent this, our standard package has a maglock to keep security gates “locked” at all times. This is another security feature that can fulfill client expectations and mitigate risk.

Securing extraordinary properties with exceptional ironwork craftsmanship

Ability to transition through tough topography

Underground operator is higher security

Hidden Hinge option

Proprietary “Million Dollar Hinge” out-performs industry standard gatehinges by 500%

Product coating and finishes testing

Product coating and finishes testing

Insight on best coating endurance for harsh waterfront elements

Solid welds don’t detract from aesthetics

Pre-planning for freeze / thaw cycles

Estate gates & property fence can be created in contemporary or traditional styles