We are uniquely qualified to produce gate systems compliant with MUTCD, ASTM, F2200 and UL325 standards

Gate Code Compliance

For many years, driveway gates were attached to the center of big, square masonry pillars. When the security gates opened back towards the pillar, this created an area of entrapment for children, potentially pinning them between the security gate and pillar.

In the past decade, with lawsuits stemming from children getting injured in these entrapment areas, UL325 has declared those situations in violation of their safety standards. The new safety standard requires either (A) that the gate hinge center is no more that 4” from edge of pillar or (B) there is 16” between pillar and gate when in the open position.

The downside with option A is that the gate is no longer centered on large masonry pillars and is no longer symmetrical visually.

Option B can be done very creatively with either large decorative metal posts that pull from the same beautiful design elements as the security gates, or short fence sections called “wings” that accentuate the gate design. Another added aspect of option B is that it provides a beautiful transition from masonry pillar to hinge post. Either way, your beautiful driveway gate with automatic gate openers can fulfill UL325 codes beautifully and not be a safety hazard or menace to your friends and family.

Video Eye At Gate Entrance Synced with Crestron Security System

Compass Iron Security delivers uncom- promising perimeter security forged by expert craftsman with more than 80 years of collective experience in metals. We collaborate with security professionals to create beautiful gates and ornamental security that fulfill the requirements of your high-net-worth clients.

Securing extraordinary properties with exceptional ironwork craftsmanship

Ability to transition through tough topography

Underground operator is higher security

Hidden Hinge option

Proprietary “Million Dollar Hinge” out-performs industry standard gatehinges by 500%

Product coating and finishes testing

Product coating and finishes testing

Insight on best coating endurance for harsh waterfront elements

Solid welds don’t detract from aesthetics

Pre-planning for freeze / thaw cycles

Estate gates & property fence can be created in contemporary or traditional styles