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Compass Ironworks has added two new videos to our services! The first video is an overview of the diversity of gates, fences, railings and stairs that we provide. The video opens up with multiple projects, then shows Ted Leeds from Leeds Builders. Leeds Builders creates exceptional homes on the New Jersey Shore and Compass has had the pleasure of providing various exterior railing designs. Leeds Builder clients sometimes desire the ultra-customizable possibilities that our craftsman can provide.

The next segment shows Scott Kirk from Earth Turf and Blooms. Compass Ironworks has been collaborating gate installations in the New Jersey area with them. Scott provides landscaping, hardscaping and overall coordination, while we provide the custom driveway gate and gate automation package.

Next up is Rob Carp from Nuss Construction. He talks about the “get to the job, and get the job done” work mentality. Compass Ironworks worked alongside Nuss Construction to create the dream home of Jon Runyan. We created an interior foyer railing, custom iron terrace railings and iron driveway gates.

The second Compass Ironworks video focuses on custom stairs, mono stringer stairs and double helical stairs. Compass Ironworks has been creating custom luxury stairs and has created a host of various custom stair designs. These include, floating stairs, cantilever stairs, and cathedral stairs. The materials used for these modern stairs and traditional stairs range from iron and wood to stainless and glass. We even provide bronze for a wide range of architectural expressions.

Richard Buchanan from Archer Buchanan Architecture in West Chester has been practicing architecture for almost 30 years. This video shows Richard at the baes of a traditional designed spiral staircase.

Paul Kiss from OSK Design Partners was also part of the video. Their firm is approaching 40 years in the business and does many residential and commercial projects in New Jersey. Compass has collaborated with them for interior railings, balcony railings, gates, and multiple double helical stairs.

Then, Sean Gormley from Margate NJ, tells about their custom floating staircase. Their design was for it to be as “floating” as possible. Compass Ironworks engineered and designed the 3 flight modern stairs to float utilizing the louver wall system for a structural wall to support the 3d flight of steps. We also provided a custom architectural pergola equipped with heat, light, and sound. Additionally we designed and created a custom modern railing for the terrace, steps and bulkhead. A modern privacy fence that complied with pool code completed the front of this beautiful property.

The new videos for Compass brings to 18 the total number of videos that Compass has compiled in the last decade. We hope they inspire people, and show the craft behind creating these timeless ironwork projects.

Do you need inspiration to kick start a project of your own?! We are happy to help! Contact us! Need even more inspiration? Check out our other work on Pinterest or our galleries!

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