Compass Ironworks provides the ultimate in design, security, rigidity, and long-term value.

Rust Free Aluminum

For centuries, waterfront living has provided access to breathtaking views of the sea with its white-capped waves and glistening surfaces. Waterfront properties, although beautiful, are often high maintenance. How does a waterfront homeowner add to the beauty and functionality of their home without added upkeep? Compass Ironworks is committed to using the earth’s elements to make these waterfront homes as beautiful as their natural surroundings.

To keep them attractive and safe for decades to come, we craft our works of art out of aluminum that never rusts. Even when the salty mist from the ocean laps at your outdoor railings, gates, fences or aesthetic décor, you can be assured that our product will withstand the elements of the harsh sea air. Compass Ironworks wants our clients’ homes to reach their full, stunning potential with beautiful, handcrafted décor that will withstand the test of time.

Shore Front Twisted Railing Design