Double Helical Staircase

This client had a 3-story stair tower in a semi-completed home with no stairs. Our job was to create and install, not one, but two magnification double helical staircases within the tower!

There were many challenges that we encountered with this project: changes in design, budgetary issues, lengthy wait times, etc. But the largest issue we encountered was the install!

When it came to installing this massive stair, we were unable to remove the roof due to the solar panels above. Our choices to install were either to build the stairs in place or take them through 3 sets of 6ft wide doors. The stairs were 8’ 6” dia. from inside and outside rails. So, we did a ton of research, brainstorming and calculations and determined that with careful maneuvering we could corkscrew each individual flight of the 3 stairs through the 3 sets of doors. We designed special dolly systems with a rotisserie pivot point. All the stair flights were built at the shop, blasted, and coated before being transported to the site, worked into position, and installed.

The word “challenge” does not suffice for this project, but we managed to exceed the client’s expectations!

Looking to replace your spiral stair with a beautiful, spacious helical staircase? Reach out to us!

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