Exceptional Spiral Staircase

An exceptional shore home required double floating helical stairs, to suit the client’s desire of “A stair like nothing else in the world.” There also was a need for a set of double spiral stairs in the back of the house as well.

One goal of Compass Ironwork is to meet or exceed client’s expectations. So instead of providing the standard fare of spiral stairs with exposed treads, we approached it with an outside-the-box thought process. By providing a skirt to hide the ends of the tread, it provided a visual transformation of a much more pristine and spectacular complement to the back of the house. And with the trim detail of the skirt, it seriously heightened the structural integrity of the stairs.

It took months to design and build the smooth horizontal
lines of the railing to transition from angled to level, from one radii to another created some serious challenges, but the entire unit was impeccably crafted for generations of enjoyment. To address the harsh salt conditions, the stairs were powder-coated a contemporary silver on stainless steel, providing for years of service with zero maintenance with our super-durable finish.

The install was an additional challenge as this area was not accessible to equipment, so a special crane setup on the street was required, with a special attachment. After a lot of extra work it was finally able to hoist the stairs over the house and into their proper place.

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