A gate to match old Iron on Property

A successful and entrepreneurial couple were having issues with unwanted motorists traveling through their historically significant property. They desired automated driveway gates to improve the safety on their own property. One challenge was how to have it blend or tie into the historical stone wall and pillars that were at the front of the property. They also wanted the driveway gate design to harmonize with historic wrought Iron that was on the property.

So special pieces were created to replicate the historic finial and the picket center piece. And utilizing metal 6” x 6” hinge posts and designing short fence sections to transition to the historical stone wall, the driveway gate placement at that location no longer looked like an after thought or mistake. And Compass Provided the guidance and expertise to give the landscaper, electrician and security technician direction so that everyone was able to collaborate seamlessly. And with today’s wireless technology the clients have the option to monitor their entrance remotely. These distinctive driveway gates provide the safety and privacy that the client was seeking and allows for seclusion and relaxation on this historic PA property.

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