Breathtaking Waterfront Iron Railing

A Philadelphian couple was building their dream home on the New Jersey Shore. As part of the build they incorporated breathtaking iron railings to add to the beautiful waterfront view. It also added very classical design elements to the architecture of this exceptional home. See for yourself!

Without compromising beauty for practicality, and to provide the best shot at maintenance free iron railings, aircraft grade aluminum was utilized. This gave the look that the couple wanted without the hassle of upkeep.

The cap rail was 2 ¼” wide, the posts at 1 ½” square, and initially the pickets were specified at ¾” solid square bar, alternating between plain and twisted pickets. The entire terrace and stair railing project went through a design and approval process. Then, as is normally the next step, the entire project was custom created to those specs mentioned above. To be able to withstand the harsh elements at the shore, a rigorous powder-coating process was applied. Once completed, the installation procedure of the deck railing commenced.

This is where the job hit a bit of a snag! After we started installing, the clients were then able to visualize the mass of the ¾” pickets for the porch railings and requested a meeting to evaluate additional options. This is always our pleasure to do to ensure the result is one that you, as the client, falls in love with and does not just put up with. In the dialogue at the meeting, the client realized they really desired only the look of the classical twisted picket, not the visual mass it portrayed.

Have no fear! We are always here to help! Our proposal was a ½” picket with a custom twist that had the same visual, but with less visual mass. We created one in the shop immediately for their approval. They loved it, so we went back to redesigning the entire terrace and stair railing project.

Next, we custom created everything in their desired sizing. We did the same super-durable powder-coating process to withstand the harsh shore elements. Then installed the entire railing project on this New Jersey shore home for the now extremely delighted clients. We love when a problem arises, no matter how big or small, to help fix it the best we can to ensure the full satisfaction of our valued clients.

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