Bronze Railing

A client in Pennsylvania wanted custom railings for the double set of steps to their front door. The custom railing design required a continuous dialogue between the client and our design team so we could all zero in on the exact desired design and budget. The clients wanted functional safety, but with some railing design characteristics that were more than just plain vertical pickets. It was important to make these improvements while also staying conscious of budget. The client was also attracted to the regality and character of bronze caprail.

Through the design dialogue for the custom railing they also looked at different railing materials, Iron, castings and solid aircraft-grade aluminum. At one point, they evaluated custom forged scroll railings.

The client chose a picket size of  ¾” solid aluminum. Then to add cost effective cha

racter, they added aluminum picket castings in a Victorian design. The railing posts were designed as a 1 ½” sq for rigidity and 1 ½” X ½” bar channel for the top and bottom.

The client then wanted the caprail to be a bronze luster. After evaluating different finishes, they decided to go with the solid bronze caprail to provide ultimate depth and character to this railing. In addition, they wanted a hand-forged ending at the top and bottom along with a decorative bar channel ending both done in a matte black powder-coat to provide contrast to the bronze.

Next, we made provisions to attach the bronze caprail with hidden and counter-sank fasteners. Then we drilled holes and tapped into the bronze caprail, and drilled countersink in the bar channel.

We then transported this custom project to the site. Then, we core-drilled it into the concrete stairs and anchored it with a 2-part epoxy. Now complete with the beautiful polished and waxed bronze caprail, this custom railing is quite the enhancement for the client’s Pennsylvania home.

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