Clean and Elegant NYC Railing and Fence

A general Contractor was doing a complete renovation on a home in Upper East Side in NYC. The old Iron railing was decrepit and the design was dated. The client wanted to update the Iron railing design to be more current, yet not break from visual of a landmark property.

Along with the stair railing design discussion, materials were also evaluated. The client was thrilled to hear about the possibility of utilizing non-corrosive aircraft grade aluminum. And that it could be done with he same structural rigidity, and be virtually indistinguishable from Iron.

The client also had some unique requests. “Could the insulated milk bottle box be recessed into the railing and powder-coated the same color? Can the Iron security gate be hidden inside our aluminum fence members?”

The answer to both questions was “Yes!”

And they added design interest with custom cast posts at the bottom and all the other posts were solid with a texture.

The entire aluminum railing project was custom created to the clients desires, blasted, prime and powder coated. The installation was coordinated with the security company for the wiring and the client was thrilled. They have a trending railing design in a non-corrosive material that they can enjoy on their New York City home for decades to come.


  1. David on April 18, 2024 at 11:29 am


    I’m looking to replace the railings at 239 West 12th Street, NY NY 10014


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