Compass at NJ ASLA

Coming up is an opportunity for an Educational session on “Demystifying Ironwork.”

Every year, hundreds of landscape architects descend upon the NJASLA conference for the latest in thought, design and specification leadership. This year, Amos Glick, President of Compass Ironworks, will be hosting this educational session. The event runs March 12-14.

The Course Objective are stated below:

Landscape Architects are always looking to integrate interesting and visual articles into the environment to enhance their projects. Railings, fences, gates, sculpture, or other site furnishings can be done in metal, but the last thing you want to do is introduce an item that will corrode or require the pain of continuous maintenance. The term “Wrought Iron” is used very loosely and can be misleading in the industry. What some people call wrought Iron can be a multitude of contemporary alloys.

This multimedia session will bring clarity and insight on the use of today’s aircraft grade aluminum, Corten, and stainless steel, allowing design professionals to utilize today’s spectrum of metals to achieve synergy and harmony in a product while remaining conscious of the environmental impact. With case studies and insider knowledge from an industry expert, you will walk away with clear concise information that will benefit your client’s projects. You will also be versed on utilizing materials that are 97-100% recycled and specifying a robust and eco-friendly finish that is VOC-Free and 99.99% reclaimable.

Chuck Hess from Chuck Hess Landscape Architects says “With the resurgence in popularity of Ironworks, my guys are specifying more and more Iron. The challenge was that they had to figure everything out on the fly, which mandated more personal oversight from my end. Being able to educate my whole team of landscape architects was phenomenal, it empowers them to embrace the sustainable attributes and specify with confidence.”

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