Compass Ironworks Architectural Digest Show Recap

We participated at the 2019 Architectural Digest Show in Manhattan in March. Attendance was good and there was definitely an international presence among attendees.

Our observation on trends was sleek and modern is still in vogue. Kitchen appliances were definitely the largest presence, with those trending darker in color. Matte finishes were prevalent everywhere, as opposed to the typical gloss or semi-gloss.

The focus towards sustainable materials continues and recycled material is definitely an attribute for today’s consumer. renovation Angle had a booth, and their core mission is revitalization of materials.

Glass as architectural features was definitely trending. Our lighted glass stair treads were a show stopper. Attendees raved about the cool features and many selfies were snapped of participants on the glowing stairs.

Overall, the show was exciting, consumer interest is strong and the residential market is good with the economy chugging away!


  1. Jeff Petersen on April 30, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    Thanks for your review of the AD Design Show!
    It is a pleasure to have Compass Ironworks exhibit. The glass stairs this year looked great.

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