Custom Modern Railing

And client was building an exceptional home in a modern architectural style on the New Jersey shore. There was need for terrace railings, exterior stair railings, and balcony railings for the master bedroom and safety railings for the bulkhead area. So we created them custom modern railings for each of these areas.

The client evaluated many railing designs, looking at traditional railing designs, modern railing designs, cable railing designs, etc. We also explored different materials such as glass, wood, aluminum, etc. However, nothing caught his eye. So, we suggested a modern airfoil/louver horizontal railing design. As well as to have the louver at a slight angle of 10 degrees. We did this with the intention of minimizing the cross-sectional view perspective.

 A challenge with this modern railing design was how to finish off the railing post top. To do post designs in a squared off, dome cap or ball cap design did not flow with the railing design. So, we came up with the suggestion of creating the same angle radius to match the horizontal louvers and compliment the modern railing design.

We custom machined these post caps on the milling machine. Then for any corner posts, we cut them at 45 degrees to create a smooth transition of the railing. For the bulk of the railings, a contemporary 1X3  rectilinear post was used. We used a 3” square post for corner posts. Now with some ingenuity, all the intermediate balcony railing splices or masterfully concealed within the railing post.

The color selected to enhance the custom modern railing design was a contemporary gray. The modern architecture of this New Jersey shore home was absolutely enhanced with the railing design and color, an architectural masterpiece that can be enjoyed for decades to come!

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