Design Guide 2024

Introducing the Compass Design Guide 2024! Your one stop shop that provides over 250 pages of exceptional ironwork for architects, designers, and clients to pull inspiration from. This guide helps assist in the design selection process. It also provides thought leadership in Iron gates, balcony railings, property fences, and custom stairs for the design community.

Our design guide had not been updated in 7 years, as Covid completely upended everyone’s routine processes. We started the new upgrade in the middle of 2023. We soon realized that we needed to be selective with which photos to use as processes and designs evolve over the years. Also we sought to condense the information to make it easier to identify projects. Instead of having separate security sections and shore sections, whenever there are projects that provide both, specific icons appear on those project pages for easier readability.

The newly-released design guides are broken out into 5 sections.

They are:

  1. Artistic

  2. Fences

  3. Gates

  4. Railings

  5. Stairs

The artistic section features artistic Iron trees, metal sculptures and custom architectural pergolas as well as Iron security doors and custom glass shower doors. Your artistic wish is our command!

The fence section provides various fence design possibilities. It also features many actual Iron fence installations we have completed. The property fence section has many examples of property fences that provide physical security, and some capable to withstand the harsh elements of the shore.

The gate design guide outlines various driveway gate designs. They range anywhere from modern to traditional designs. The back of the driveway gate section has various pages of conceptual driveway gate designs.

The railing design guide is by far the largest with over 100 pages of full color photos. The guide starts with interior railing posts and then showcases interior foyer railing designs. It then moves to exterior railing posts, and exterior railings. This is sure to include custom aluminum railings that are specifically constructed/finished to withstand the harsh elements of at the shore.

Next, a section of iron balcony railings and commercial iron railings complete the railing design guide. It features a project we completely restored. It is a Samuel Yellin Wrought Iron balcony and railing originally built in the 1900’s.

The last section showcases luxury stair designs. We also highlight various other custom stair designs. Some examples are: cathedral stairs, floating stairs, cantilever stairs, and mono stringer stairs. These custom stair materials range from stainless steel, wood, and aluminum to glass, and iron. This provides clients with their own exceptional stair design statement.

Do you need inspiration to kick start a project of your own?! We are happy to help! View our Design Guide 2024 here! Or Contact us here! Need even more inspiration? Check out our other work on Pinterest or our galleries!

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