Elegant Glass and Steel Stairs

The Concept of the finished Glass and Steel Stairs

We are hard at work on a sleek all-glass stair project with saw tooth stringers. We went through a four-month design and engineering process to come up with this configuration to satisfy the particular needs of the client. Construction of the steel frame in our shop is well under way, as you can see from the photo showing the project in process December 2017.

The pictured rendering was supplied by the client, showing how the ascending graceful curves will complement the space.  The structure will be powder-coated sky gray and will be installed in January. Treads will be 1-1/2” thick glass, with a special laminate process to have the lamination lines minimally visible. The railing will be curved glass panels, and the handrail will be polished stainless steel, showing how steel can achieve a light and sleek modern look.

This will be fully completed in Spring of 2017, and will be an absolute visual stunner in contemporary stairs!

The Stairs in Process Dec 2016

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