Go With the Flow!

A Pennsylvania interior designer took on a renovation to upgrade the clients house to a more contemporary theme. When you first walk in there was a huge staircase that needed renovations. The goal was to design an iron stair railing to set the tone for the entire space. So we decided to go with the flow!

               The builder brought us into the design dialogue. It was decided that the main iron railing design would be done in a ¼ X 1 ¼” flat bar material to provide a rectilinear aspect. It was done in a very eclectic design pattern to truly have it be their own signature railing design.

Creating this custom stair railing was a challenge as there were many varying radiuses. They all had to flow together. Creating the go with the flow feel to the entire space. Another challenge was do all the intersections precisely so that they are not detrimental to the visual harmony of the piece.

The stair railing caprail was done in the custom modern profile. The caprail is a bronze material, and then completed in a polish, tarnish and wax finish. The client wanted the caprail to go with the flow as well. So we went through the arduous task of creating custom goosenecks to provide maximum visual impact and harmony.

Another serious challenge was the flair at the bottom of both iron railings. Due to the dimension of the custom railing material, it was very difficult to have all the railing infill bend uniformly. This required the rail to be heated and formed to be able to do the bends precisely. Stair railing posts were done in a round shape and originally were planned to have a black powder-coated cap. However, as the railing design conversation evolved, the idea was brought up to do it in bronze to match the caprail.

So bronze material was custom machined to the exact shape desired, and given the same polish, tarnish, and wax finish. The railing panels and posts were blasted, pretreated and power-coated to a statuary bronze color. This brought the entire piece to life!

When installed, this stair railing absolutely transformed the visual of their entry foyer to a stunning design statement. A design statement that can be enjoyed for many years to come in this Pennsylvanian home.

Do you want a rail that goes with your flow? Contact us to get a custom one of your own! 

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